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About Our Natural Hair Salon In Manhattan, NY

Marie: Premier Hair Stylist of New York City

Marie has been a hair stylist in New York City for 15 years. She performs elegant hairstyling to simple haircuts in Manhattan, NY. She is well known for her remarkable customer service, gentleness, understanding for her customer's hair needs and care. As a professional hair stylist, she has had the wonderful opportunity of sharing her aesthetic work on top celebrities such as: Terry McMillan, B. Smith, Chrisette Michele, and Rutina Wesley. Marie has enhanced her skills by participating in and completing a number of courses on natural hair care and styling, including weaving such as: full head weave, net weave, partial weaves. Moreover, she has acquired multiple certificates, which include Design Essentials. If you have always desired healthy, fast-growing hair, feel free to contact Marie at her natural hair salon in Manhattan, NY.

Marie’s Hair Care Difference

Marie’s approach to hair centers the beauty of natural styles and healthy care as the keys to achieving each customer’s ideal look. By choosing a natural hair salon, you gain the expertise needed to enjoy your chosen style long after you leave your appointment. The reason for this is simple: Marie knows how to advise you on the best ways to protect and style your new look.

What drives her work is a passion for helping people discover newfound confidence by embracing their inherent beauty. Appointments are about bringing out the best in your hair while staying true to the essence of what makes it special. If you’re comparing the best hair salons in NYC, choose the one that caters to your natural color, texture, and styling potential.

A Personalized In-Salon Experience

The first step to feeling great about the way your hair looks is enjoying your time at the salon. When you visit Marie, she strives to capture the quintessential comfort that you deserve every time you see a hair specialist. Whether that means communicating with you during the process or simply providing an environment that emphasizes the connection between you and your stylist, you’ll find the great hair salon experience you deserve at Absolutely Elegant Hairstyles.

Contact Marie today to schedule an appointment at the best curly hair salon in NYC. We proudly serve Manhattan, NY, and the surrounding areas.

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